Mercury Retrograde Reflection

The mercury retrograde in October 2014 really had me fucked up like I was ready to quit my job and hide in a corner of my room forever. But this mercury retrograde feels reflective and painless. I met someone, its hella new so I’m not gonna put all my eggs in one basket but, our conversations about music and poetry reminded me of a poem I wrote about my ex a long time ago and how much I used to write and how much I’ve been saying I want to write but just can’t seem to “find the time” to write. There are no excuses. There is always time if you make it a priority and I simply haven’t made it a priority. Before re-reading the poem I wrote, in my mind I thought this work of art was my great masterpiece. The one and only poem I’ve written and read in front of a crowd. At the time, after I had read it in front of an audience, I thought I didn’t need to write any more it was that powerful. Ha! What an arrogant fool I was. When I read it again for the first time in a few years I began to laugh. Don’t get me wrong its not bad but it made me see just how far I’ve come from that relationship and I realized I need to write new stories, new poetry, update my writing with me now because who else will tell my story. Mark my words: I am a writer and you are seeing more of my writing. Not just about traveling but also about everything I do and all of who I am. wolf-moon-lie_773764-618x347


About claritabombita

I recently received my master's degree in social work within the mental health concentration at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Most of my work has been empowering young people ages 12-21 through group therapy, counseling, and case management. I am currently living in Chicago, IL working on balancing my mind, body, and spirit through various indigenous medicine practices and counseling undocumented boys from Mexico who are used by the cartels to smuggle people into the United States. This blog is my journey.

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