My [late] first post…

The following is my first post when i first got to Puerto Viejo three weeks ago. I understand its taken me a while to post but thats what happens when you’re in the jungle! An updated post is coming soon….


Tuesday, May 20, 2014 9:39pm

Only a day and it feels like I’ve been here a year. Today I realized why I am here. Why God told me to come here. I mean I knew before I came here right. I knew I needed to heal my body but today I realized it’s so much deeper than that. I spent almost $400 on my hair before I left and I’ve had it up the whole time; I spend about $900 in clothes before I left and it doesn’t matter how cute it is, its still soaked in sweat within an hour of putting it on. I brought all these cute stylish sandals to wear but they all hurt my feet and I had to buy a pair of ugly boy sandals from the local store but they feel great on my feet. I brought makeup but I can’t put it on because the sweat won’t stop streaming down my face. I brought jewelry I haven’t been able to wear because anything other than cold water touching my skin makes me itch or sweat. Since I’ve been here I’ve been thirsty for only water. I have no desire to eat meat or drink dairy. Today I had two headaches one in the morning and one at night yes probably due to transition but I keep thinking of when I had a migraine for my first month at USF because I was bombarded with new and enlightening information my mind was on overload. Today’s headaches felt the same. I am being bombarded with enlightening truths about what is really going on with me and why I am here. I love lists so this is what I know:

1. I have a gift. Part of the reason I am here is to strengthen my God given [possibly psychic] abilities. What exactly my gift is I’m not sure yet. Rachel says she forgets i just got here because when she sees me she already sees the curandera in me.

2. I am here to heal my mind (after I wrote this sentence I began to weep). My mind is my own internal toxin that’s trying to kill me. My mind has given into all the negative messages fed to me my whole life and now I am in the place (and at the right time) to finally submit to messages of love. I am worthy.

3. I am here to heal my body. Today I learned so much about herbs and plants in the garden tour but I didn’t write anything down because I wanted to soak it all in the first time around. I learned about what plants, herbs and tonics could cure various illnesses that in the U.S. we pay millions for on hospital bills and medication. I got so angry at moments thinking of my family going broke to pay for pharmaceuticals that don’t work like these plants can work. Raquel showed us the Noni plant, which can cure cancer. It is scientifically proven to cure cancer and the U.S. is still doing marathons to pay for research to cure cancer. It’s a fucking lie and all I thought of was my cousin who had cancer at one year old could have used this plant and wouldn’t have had to deal with the permanent affects of chemotherapy. I learned that the lining of our stomachs is so intensely lined with GMOs we can’t even process the good things going into our bodies. I’m preaching now so I’ll stop but my point is that I spent so much money on how I look on the outside for this trip (and my life in Chicago) I didn’t prepare myself for the real work to be done inside. Like I said, only a day and it feels like it’s been a year.

Here are a few snapshots i took in the beginning. I’ll post a full album on my Facebook. L@s quiero y l@s extraño mucho! Pura Vida! xoxo


Enjoying La Rosa which is fries with two eggs over easy, advocate and platoon dulce (vegan style) yum!

Enjoying La Rosa and iced green jasmine tea at Cafe Rico

Hidden Garden backyard view

Hidden Garden view

Moon Medicine class taught by Rachel Thomas at Hidden Garden.

Moon Medicine class taught by Rachel Thomas at Hidden Garden.

in the middle of  a hike i couldn't finish. It was my first day here what did you expect? Lol! Next time though....

in the middle of a hike i couldn’t finish. It was my first day here what did you expect? Lol! Next time though….

Playa Cocles

Playa Cocles


i feel like they need some meat on them

our neighbor’s cows need some meat on those bones



About claritabombita

I recently received my master's degree in social work within the mental health concentration at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Most of my work has been empowering young people ages 12-21 through group therapy, counseling, and case management. I am currently living in Chicago, IL working on balancing my mind, body, and spirit through various indigenous medicine practices and counseling undocumented boys from Mexico who are used by the cartels to smuggle people into the United States. This blog is my journey.

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  1. Cordon Ingrd(mamy)

    Que gusto me da ver que estas contenta, Dios quiera todo sea por tu bien, y creo que todo en la vida es una leccion para aprender, bueno o malo, pero siempre hay que recapacirtar cual fue la leccion aprendida, con todos los pros & cons. You look happy & love to see you with smile in your face. Love you & miss you so much. Mamy.


  2. Cordon Ingrd(mamy)

    Deje mi primer comentario sin haber leido todo lo que comentaste, despues al descansar tome tiempo para leer todo lo que escribirte y estoy muy orgullosa de todas las reflecciones que hisiste, no cabe duda que Dios Guia tu vida y te hase ver las cosas que realmente importan en la vida. Pido a Dios que este tiempo en C.R. Te sirva para darte cuenta de que necesitabas este viaje y este tipo de vida, para que sepas que tenes que cuidar tu interior tanto como lo ficico, siempre tiene que haber un balance y creo que necesitas tiempo para tu interior. Sos un ser humano marabilloso y muy inteligente y creo que este tiempo te va a haser que tu cambio venga de adentro para afuera. Procura que no sea en bano, medita, Ora, resa, o como le querras llamar pero trata de encontrar el balance y la union entre lo fisico, lo mental y lo emocional, y como te dije anteriormente, poco a poco vas a entender, por que Dios te mando a ese lugar, y cual es el propocito. Depende de voz el perder esa experiencia en tu vida o aprobeche el tiempo con lo poco que tengas. Todo en la vida tiene cosas buenas y malas, lo importante es como reaccionamos en esas situaciones, lo mas importante es tu actitud hasia lo que estas viviendo y aprobechar cualquier cosa que podas aprender de esa nueva experiencia en tu vida. Ok mi Amor ojala me podas entender lo que te trato de explicar, solo son consejos de madre. Pido a Dios te ilumine y guie tu vida por el mejor camino. Estoy muy orgullosa de quien sos y se que siempre tomaras y haras las cosas que son mejores para voz. Confio en Dios y tambien en la clase de bella persona que sos. Te adore y extrana. Tu madre.
    Dios me dijo que todo estara bien y yo le creo, esa es mi FE hasta hoy. Mamy.


  3. Wow!!!
    You made me tear up mija. I’m so proud of you. I’m glad you’ve seen the light in a short period of time. So glad you are having such a good time. Record and take pics if you don’t have something handy to take notes. Love you and miss you Mija. Que dios te bendiga.


  4. Gilberto Villasenor II

    Mija, felicidades!
    Its so good to know that you are having such a positive experience. Life is funny that way, in that we plan our life but, God or the Universe ultimately gives us what we really need. You are where you need to be in this world at this time. We need more healers in the world and your opening yourself to that possibility would be a gift to yourself and the world.
    I congratulate you, it sound like you are over coming so many fears. Fears that where limiting your growth.
    I love you so very much and ask God to bring you fulfillment, happiness and peace.
    Oh and I cant forget a lot of Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove!

    We all miss you very much and look forward to your next post.
    God Bless you,


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